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Over the years, web site content and articles written by students and teachers can stack up!  This page is meant to make sure that we continue to have access to historical information. 

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The objective is acquiring the skill to deliver the right technique at the right time negating...

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Wing Chun is designed to allow one to achieve the most effect for the least effort through efficient use of...

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An Interview

Sifu Ken Harnish was kind enough to give his insight into quite a few topics in this CWC interview.  

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A letter to students

It never hurts to recieve good advice early and often, and new students are often very receptive to input. 

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Martial arts options

Picking the right martial art is the best way to set yourself up to succeed.  Enjoy yourself, and reach your goals. 

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The path

Meeting your Wing Chun goals means taking things step by step and building a strong foundation for growth, to improve upon. 

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Sifu Ken Harnish

Sifu Ken Harnish gladly shared his knowledge about Wing Chun with students at all levels, and often with a quiet smile. 

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Wing Chun teaches us how to aproach problems in every-day life, as well as in a fight.  It is amazing how perspectives shift. 

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    I have a treasure trove of martial art skills to offer, in a truly remarkable art. You will need to work for them though. No one can just hand them to you. To achieve a worthwhile level will require your focus and dedication. You will get out of it what you put into it. You are responsible for the effort but the rewards are also yours.

    The path upon which you will be led is simple and direct. As it turns out each simple aspect contains many layers. To advance along the correct path you will need an appreciation of the exactness involved.Adjusting to the precise balance and control will require you to more fully recognize your awareness, coordination and energy.

    Students undergo a measure of metamorphosis as they acquire skills. If a car or machine is to perform with power and control it must have the required mechanisms.

    The simple blocking, striking and stepping maneuvers that you learn in the beginning are meant to later fit together with other more advanced components as part of the same puzzle, comprising a superbly conceived combat system. Understandably then these pieces will come together for you more easily if each element is well crafted or sculpted.

    The tools or curriculum used to infuse these components into you are the three FORMS: SIU LIM TAO, CHUM KIU and BIU JI  "THE WOODEN MAN" along with other DRILLS to develop energy, control, contact, position, timing and distance.

    Complete the natural skills and you may learn the two weapon forms, THE DOUBLE BUTTERFLY SWORDS and THE LONG POLE.

    It's not about how fast you learn them. It takes time to interpret and understand the depth in these venues of training. But there-in lays the true value.

    There are a number of training drills that are used as stepping stones to learning Wing Chun. Much of the content can only be deciphered by being taught how to read between the lines. The intricacies which reveal the depth of the art will only be discovered by studying from a line of masters in the art. Someone who has not studied devoutly with a true master will be lacking in many of the essential components. You just won't ever realize the intended abilities.

    In essence what we strive to accomplish is to train the body to do all the necessary moves, no longer needing to consult the brain. The brain just observes, supervises. It has been slowly backed out as the body was taught step by step to fend for itself like a blind person learns to do without the sense of sight. Meanwhile all of our maneuvers are designed to help us to instantaneously gain control over an opponent. We make it very difficult for an opponent to gain an advantageous position over us. Similar to the bull fighter who can defeat the bull, never having to deal directly with the bull's power. The bull is controlled.

    Ah but these are all mere words, not nearly as useful or as fun as doing it.


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Chicago Wing Chun is, above all, a positive group interested in building friendships as we grow in understanding of a martial art we all love.   

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Ho Kam Ming

We value our relationship with Master Ho and his students, and take every opportunity to participate in seminars or take private lessons.  

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Teachers and classmates who write articles, published or otherwise, are welcome to have their thoughts posted here for public consumption. 

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Curt James' Site

Curt James has written some great articles, over the years, and many are available on his site, linked here.    

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