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Over the years, web site content and articles written by students and teachers can stack up!  This page is meant to make sure that we continue to have access to historical information. 

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The objective is acquiring the skill to deliver the right technique at the right time negating...

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Wing Chun is designed to allow one to achieve the most effect for the least effort through efficient use of...

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An Interview

Sifu Ken Harnish was kind enough to give his insight into quite a few topics in this CWC interview.  

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A letter to students

It never hurts to recieve good advice early and often, and new students are often very receptive to input. 

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Martial arts options

Picking the right martial art is the best way to set yourself up to succeed.  Enjoy yourself, and reach your goals. 

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The path

Meeting your Wing Chun goals means taking things step by step and building a strong foundation for growth, to improve upon.  

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Sifu Ken Harnish

Sifu Ken Harnish gladly shared his knowledge about Wing Chun with students at all levels, and often with a quiet smile. 

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Wing Chun teaches us how to approach problems in every-day life, as well as in a fight.  It is amazing how perspectives shift. 

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    The founders of Wing Chun Gung Fu drew upon deep spiritual insights and a brilliant culture of Chinese Martial Art and philosophy. Practicing Wing Chun not only requires knowing how to focus your strengths but also how to focus your softness, stillness, sensitivity, timing, reaction and more. Only the finely tuned balance of these yin/yang (soft/hard) aspects will culminate in the consumate world class martial art that Wing Chun was designed to be. Proper martial art instruction should not be without its complementary balance of spiritual training. Wing Chun is based on many principles of universal truth. This being so, it is natural to learn how these principles extrapolate into skills for everyday life and spiritual development as well. They are not just for fighting alone. The simple yet profound principles of Wing Chun have more than one meaning, more than one application. To view Wing Chun as being just for fighting is taking a very narrow-minded approach to the vast wealth of possible development that the art offers. Learning to develop spiritual tranquillity, and having the ability to abstain from arguments and fights is just as valuable a skill to acquire as is learning to explode someone's head. People of worth would appreciate you more as a well developed person than just a good fighter. You of course bring more true richness into life through your internal development as well. However, like anything else in life, you have to be ready for it and be able to devote yourself to the slow and steady acquisition of these skills.

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Class Pictures

Chicago Wing Chun is, above all, a positive group interested in building friendships as we grow in understanding of a martial art we all love.   

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Ho Kam Ming

We value our relationship with Master Ho and his students, and take every opportunity to participate in seminars or take private lessons.  

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Teachers and classmates who write articles, published or otherwise, are welcome to have their thoughts posted here for public consumption. 

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Curt James' Site

Curt James has written some great articles, over the years, and many are available on his site, linked here.    

Link to CJ Site