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Over the years, web site content and articles written by students and teachers can stack up!  This page is meant to make sure that we continue to have access to historical information. 

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The objective is acquiring the skill to deliver the right technique at the right time negating...

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Wing Chun is designed to allow one to achieve the most effect for the least effort through efficient use of...

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An Interview

Sifu Ken Harnish was kind enough to give his insight into quite a few topics in this CWC interview.  

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A letter to students

It never hurts to recieve good advice early and often, and new students are often very receptive to input. 

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Martial arts options

Picking the right martial art is the best way to set yourself up to succeed.  Enjoy yourself, and reach your goals. 

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The path

Meeting your Wing Chun goals means taking things step by step and building a strong foundation for growth, to improve upon. 

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Sifu Ken Harnish

Sifu Ken Harnish gladly shared his knowledge about Wing Chun with students at all levels, and often with a quiet smile. 

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Wing Chun teaches us how to approach problems in every-day life, as well as in a fight.  It is amazing how perspectives shift. 

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    I can appreciate the considerable difficulty and confusion encountered by someone attempting to decipher their options as to choosing which style of martial art may be best for them. There are so many different styles to choose from.  An unwise decision could mean a big waste of time, money, effort and being sentenced to mediocrity with no chance for parole.

    Some people are attracted to the modern approach which is to practice a combination of disciplines concurrently. They refer to this as mixed martial arts [MMA]. In my earlier years of training I eagerly pursued this path for a while. Superficially you're under the impression that you are acquiring more useful knowledge. As I encountered more masterful instruction I realized the value of picking a really good system, a very good teacher, being a good student and reaching a high level of proficiency. It's the subtleties, the finer points of a good system, that account for its functionality and grants you genuine expertise. There may be a few people in the world with nothing to do but train all day every day, who are able to approach a mastery of more than one system. But overwhelmingly, players who try to tackle more that one system will never function optimally at any.  I had a neighbor who boasted that he had many trade skills. He claimed that he was skilled at carpentry, plastering, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning. He could plaster well, he was average at carpentry. I'd hire him for that. But as far as the other jobs, I believe that I'd rather pay him not to do them.

    A good martial art will challenge you. Not just your muscle strength but mainly your finer senses of awareness of balance, timing, motion, angles, forces, distance and energy. Developing these internal aspects should improve all of your endeavors and efforts in anything that you do. But they are also top tools for controlling combat.

    Having studied a few different arts myself I know full well that some arts have much more to offer you than others. People could and did concoct various styles however they though fit. But then as in any field, a genius comes along and out does everyone else with something astoundingly deep, beautiful and effective. This is where the word "ART" fits in, you see, although it is used far too generously these days.

    So unless you know what you are looking for and how to recognize it you won't be well prepared to get your self into the best situation.People don't tend to see the whole picture, the full impact and ramifications of the different paths available to them.

    Many people are not on the most beneficial path for them but, such is life. I just wanted to make you think about your direction. I see so many people 2-3-4 years of training but down the wrong road. The further they go the longer the way back to get back on the right road.

    But if people don't come to see me then I can't help them.


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Chicago Wing Chun is, above all, a positive group interested in building friendships as we grow in understanding of a martial art we all love.   

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Ho Kam Ming

We value our relationship with Master Ho and his students, and take every opportunity to participate in seminars or take private lessons.  

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Teachers and classmates who write articles, published or otherwise, are welcome to have their thoughts posted here for public consumption. 

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Curt James' Site

Curt James has written some great articles, over the years, and many are available on his site, linked here.    

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