Chicago Wing Chun Gung Fu Club

The Chicago Wing Chun Gung Fu Club was founded by Sifu Ken Harnish, student of Sifu Ho Kam Ming, to promote Wing Chun.  It is now continued by students of both Sifu Ken Harnish and Sifu Ho Kam Ming.  We are a group of Wing Chun enthusiasts that get together to train, share, and learn in a respectful environment.

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Email is the best way to contact us, if you have questions about the Club or the Site.  We can be reached at

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Chicago Wing Chun is, above all, a positive group interested in building friendships as we grow in understanding of a martial art we all love.   

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Ho Kam Ming

We value our relationship with Master Ho and his students, and take every opportunity to participate in seminars or take private lessons.  

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Teachers and classmates who write articles, published or otherwise, are welcome to have their thoughts posted here for public consumption. 

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Curt James' Site

Curt James has written some great articles, over the years, and many are available on his site, linked here.    

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